Olga Malinina
QA Manager, WGCZ
10 years experience
About speaker:
Grown from an ordinary tester to a QA Manager on the project with several millions of unique users.
Olga has been teaching testing at NNTU "KPI" and professional courses for testers during 3 years
UXQB-F and ISTQB-FL certificates.

Topic: Putting Chaos in Order: Successful Testing without Requirements, Automation, and other Nice Words
Any requirements, any sprints, any builds and team which got used it. Any automation, except regression test which would take about 3 years in case we run it. Commits to Prod at any time. But we have several million unique users per month, 20 years of history and leadership in the industry. No, we are not crazy, we just realized that if chaos is not defeated, then we should put it in order:)
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